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«Énée racontant à Didon les malheurs de la ville de Troie», de Guérin, via «A Postcard from John Ashbery» de Frank O’Hara



Pierre-Narcisse Guérin

Énée racontant à Didon les malheurs de la ville de Troie

Oli sobre tela, 1815




What a message! what a picture!

all pink and gold and classical,

a romantic French sunset for a

change. And the text could not

but inspire—with its hint

of traduction, renaissance, and

Esperanto: verily, The Word! By

what wit do we compound in an

eye «Enée racontant à Didon les

malheurs de la Ville de Troie»

(suburban sexuality and the

milles fleurs that were Rome!)

with «Äneas erzählt Dido das

Missgeschick der Stadt Troya»

(truisms and immer das ewig

Weibliche!) and (garlic oscura,

balliamo! balliamo, my foreign

lover!) «Enea che racconta à

Didone le disgrazie della Città

de Troia» followed by yet an-

other, yet wait! in excess perhaps

but as gleaming as the fandango

that echoes through all of Ravel

“Eneas contando a Dido las desgracias

de la Ciudad de Troya”? (let me

dance! get your hands off me!)

for Guérin was thinking of Moors

and Caramba! flesh is exciting,

even in empirical pictures! No?


Frank O’Hara


Lectures addicionals:

Iriarte, Fabián O. “Emitido con estática : Los poemas interferidos de Frank O’Hara




Frank O’Hara

The Collected Poems

Edited by Donald Allen

University of California Press. 1995

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